Day 1 In Heat

Hello Everyone!

And welcome to my new and improved website:    Days in the Life of an Eczematic English Professor


A title that captures my eclectic interests and skills, primarily, the academic-me, the professor-teacher-mentor me, the memoir-writer-me, the creative-non-fiction-writer-me, and, finally, the personal me.


I have many grand plans for this site as it’s very special for many reasons, but, for one, I made it myself; I did not rely on someone else for all the technical—behind-the-scenes-gobbledygook; I am here now by my own grit and faith—a major theme I will build in this site: middle-aged, mid-career and finally beginning to be ok with that (I’ve got Chaka Kahn “I’m Every Woman” going on in my head as I type.


Coming Soon: I’m planning podcasts and vlogs or webisodes, which I’m excited about as these will allow me to exercise my acting talents and present a glimpse of what happens with your professors behind the scenes. More on that coming soon!


For now just know that I am eee-ons older and wiser and more coherent than I was in my first blog, which still remains below, until I figure out where and how to put it. I’m like Madonna on her Rebel Heart Tour (if you squint just right and tilt your head sideways 😊 )


Stay tuned! The best is definitely still to come!


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