My New Favoorite Feminist

Tammy Wynette til i can make it on my own



Soul Healing


Thank you for taking the time to listen and watch; if you like the video’s message about the truly cathartically healing powers of holistic healthcare, feel free to pass it along to your followers with our gratitude and great appreciation. Happy turkey –or cheese enchiladas–day, Karen

Eczema Treatment and its Discontents

Days in the Life of an Eczematic English Professor

One of the issues I had to face in drafting this is the ways eczema has affected me. I couldn’t speak for everyone because not everyone experiences anxiety as a result of their eczema. In this case, writing a memoir was helpful because I wasn’t speaking for everyone, just myself, but, memoir was also difficult because I had to address all of the other factors combined with eczema that caused it to become so devastating to me.

One of those factors is Iatrogenesis, medically-induced trauma. Treatments for eczema are often worse than the disease itself. For example, “immunotherapy.” Allergy shots are like vaccines. In order to become immune to allergens, you have to be exposed to them through needles, after the process of being poked with them to see which ones you’re allergic to, an awful experience for any adult, much less a child. Additionally, severely broken-out skin is painful…

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Day 1 In Heat

Hello Everyone!

And welcome to my new and improved website:    Days in the Life of an Eczematic English Professor


A title that captures my eclectic interests and skills, primarily, the academic-me, the professor-teacher-mentor me, the memoir-writer-me, the creative-non-fiction-writer-me, and, finally, the personal me.


I have many grand plans for this site as it’s very special for many reasons, but, for one, I made it myself; I did not rely on someone else for all the technical—behind-the-scenes-gobbledygook; I am here now by my own grit and faith—a major theme I will build in this site: middle-aged, mid-career and finally beginning to be ok with that (I’ve got Chaka Kahn “I’m Every Woman” going on in my head as I type.


Coming Soon: I’m planning podcasts and vlogs or webisodes, which I’m excited about as these will allow me to exercise my acting talents and present a glimpse of what happens with your professors behind the scenes. More on that coming soon!


For now just know that I am eee-ons older and wiser and more coherent than I was in my first blog, which still remains below, until I figure out where and how to put it. I’m like Madonna on her Rebel Heart Tour (if you squint just right and tilt your head sideways 😊 )


Stay tuned! The best is definitely still to come!